Mount Copenhagen

a 3.5 km mountain on the outskirts of Copenhagen

DTU Talk

To those of you who attended our small talk today in DTU, thank you so much for your time and inspiring questions. It was a great experience for us to present this idea to top student engineers from all over the world.. the ones who will actually build the future some day. Normally we talk to businesses or on conferences, but today was very different.
As I said – we are very interested in hearing from you, and we would love to discuss all your questions in an open forum (we will set one up later), and we sincerely hope that you will get involved and spread the idea to universities all over the world. After all – you will be the ones to carry this project on to future generations.

Please mail us at (subject: DTU)

Again – Thank you very much for an inspiring day with all your great projects.. The future looks a little bit better now :)

“Idea of the Year” in Politiken

The readers of one of the biggest Danish newspapers – Politiken – recently voted for Mount Copenhagen as the best idea of the year.
Although it has very little to do with the work that is done in our Consortium, it was very nice to see that the general public find the project somewhat sympathetic.

You can read more about it here (in Danish)

Mount Copenhagen on TEDx Copenhagen